Identify Interest and Needs

In the world of internet information overload, planning a vacation is not easy. In the first contact consulting, we will explore the clients’ interests and expectations, etc. What type of vacation are they looking for – beach, adventure, cruise, all inclusive, etc. Where in the world do they want to go – resorts, cruise, by rail or road, exotic or historical places? This information gathering is important, but also thoughtful of their budgetary needs. For instance, it would not be prudent to send a young couple with small children on an island resort that has the “hedonist” in their description! Nor would we recommend single people to a “couples only” resort!

Once that process of research begins, you can leave the rest of the planning in our expert hands. We will offer two or three options to choose from.

Personalized Itinerary Planning

You will be provided with all the information on your destination, complete itinerary and recommendations of guided tours, shopping, restaurants, customs and taboos. This will make your journey well rounded.

FIT Expertise

We pride our expertise in Foreign Independent Tour – which means it is tailored to the clients’ schedule, interest and budget. We have done various itineraries from 3 months to 6 months Sabbaticals, family reunions, etc. for round the world trip as well as in various countries.

We can advise on villa rentals, castle and palace tours, cultural exchange and immersion, house-boating, RV-ing, cruises, domestic and international.

Concierge Services

This includes Limo transfers, sight-seeing, shopping, dining and much more.

24/7 Availability

While on your journey, should you have any concerns or emergencies, we are able to assist 24/7.