Cuatro Cuatros, Ensenada Mexico

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 Cuatrocuatros, 19 cabins between vineyards, mountains and sea, designed by Mauricio Rocha and Gabriela Carrillo, for lovers of life, freedom, pleasure and rest!


The architecture and building materials were thought in harmony with its natural environment. Contrary to what one might think, it is possible at this time to live an experience beyond everything traditional and the excess of industry and technology that dominates us; a different experience of travel and stay that exalts our mind and senses, with indescribable landscapes and vineyards, and with all the services of a qualitative hotel immersed in nature.

Cuatrocuatros has been designed by Mexican architects who understood the interaction of the territory with the landscape, and has been developed, built and worked by Mexican hands. It is between the sea, the desert, the vine, the olive tree and the agave, but with a surprising mild climate. The Cuatrocuatros cabins were designed by Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo's Architecture Workshop , and are a fusion of wood, steel and cotton fabric. The camp consists of 14 tents, set with all the services of a hotel room while living the adventure experience. The cabins have:

  • One or two king or queen size beds
  • Air conditioning and Frigo bar
  • Indoor heaters
  • Bathroom with all services
  • Outside terrace
  • Panoramic view of the vineyards
  • Relaxation center
  • Dining and dinner scheduled at the sea viewpoint
  • Internal transport to the vineyards and viewpoints of the land
  • Winemaking Organization of routes and itineraries in the area and points of interest
  • Scheduled transportation to and from the airport for up to 10 people
  • Van rental with driver
  • Sailboat Rent
  • Security and Personal 24 hours


The visitors of Cuatrocuatros live the fusion of the vineyards, the sea and the mountains, with the possibility of experiencing the intensity that goes from contemplation to extreme sport.

  • Bike, Hike or horseback Ride!
  • Fauna and Flora from the different viewpoints of the land
  • Wine Tours
  • Sailing on the Cuatrocuatros Sailboat
  • Massages and treatments in our Relaxation center
  • Wine and cheese pairing
  • Scheduled dinners
  • Tours of the Guadalupe Valley
  • Tours of restaurants and bars in the Port of Ensenada
  • Whale watching